I’m here!!!!

Looooool, i honestly cant believe im finally doing this because I have postponed for the longest time.

I have always loved writing stuff but most of them just end up in my jotter and most times i feel like i have a lot of thoughts to share but as the shy girl i’ve convinced myself to be, i keep them to myself.

Anywho…… let me introduce myself; you can call me “vee” and i’m in my early 20’s. I’m a nigerian, bilingual, pharmacist.

As you might have guessed , this blog isnt a one direction blog as i love to swing in different directions(lol). Keep your fingers crossed….

Until next post, xoxo…


2 thoughts on “I’m here!!!!

    • Hi dear, been terribly busy…. It’s soo nice however that you checked on this blog … I think I’ve gotten the all the motivation I need. Thanks a lot … I will start working on putting up more posts. 😊


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